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Characters and Plot!!!


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Calvin Bishop

Main character, Hero, and troubled Christian slave. 14 year old slave who became a legend and hero to the christian people... believed to have been killed after eluding the royal gaurd for nine days, he resurfaces on the day of his ten year anniversary, and the realm will never be the same again!


Elizabeth "Bugz" Black

Young Christian slave who is too smart and vocal for her own good! Pure and stubborn, adorable and sweet, she be-friends Calvin and accompanies him through his journey's through out the realm.

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Best friend, voice of reason, and loyal follower of Calvin! He is everything that Calvin lacks.. a very special warrior who is as pure as anyone!

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Ashlynn Black

The elder Black sister to Elizabeth, she protects her Bugz, while keeping a low profile. The World of Tainted Souls will test her, and she will be up for any and all of it!

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Matthew Hunt

Young Man, 17 years of age, recently pulled out of the camps to be sold and purchased by the Merchant from Tamorrah. A fighter in spirit, but lacking the training, he is a vital asset to the survival of the Christian slaves. 

Characters And Plot: News & Updates


Unworthy.. yet worthy warrior

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Characters And Plot: Welcome
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Villian's and Realm

Extra info on important bad guys from issue #1

Characters And Plot: News & Updates

Foxx Den

Setting of first comic, stronghold and military fort in the most southern of compounds under control of Lord Rhyne!


Commander Craven

Nephew to Lord Rhyne, cynical and devoted... he rules Foxx Den like a spoiled and entitled brat! A great warrior, smart, cunning and evil, he is revered as a commander,  despite his lack of experience in leadership.


Royal Guard

Soldiers and Military men of the Great Royal Army!!! Bred to be loyal, devoted and they enjoy every perk in the realm due to their backing and prestige

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The Valley of the Bishop

Where the young slave (Calvin Bishop), was captured, tortured, murdered!!!

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Raven Rhyne

Princess Raven, one of the daughters of Lord Rhyne, lost a loved one early in life and resigned herself to isolation within the Lord's castle in Rhynes Summit. She returns to Foxx Den on a surprising visit 

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